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Dating Series: The Guy Who Had Amnesia

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Welcome Back Everyone! Yes, the dating series continues and thank you to y'all who read the last story. To everyone who is back, get your TEAAAA!


It was a busy Thursday evening. I had just woken up from a nap and needed to get some studying done. I rushed up to leave my apartment, awake but slightly in dream land. Walking into my study location, I saw someone that looked really really familiar. At first, I thought it was due to my half alertness, but I couldn't shake it off. I walked up to him and asked if he was who I thought he was, and I was soo right! I hadn't seen this person in about 7 years, I was really happy to see him.

I wasn't close to this person way back before meeting him again, but I used to get excited when I met people from when I was much younger. They just brought back some good memories and I felt like I could connect with them easy.

We started chatting, caught up on how life had been, what he was doing in my city, and all that fun stuff. It was nice but he started flirting really bad with me. He wanted to go on walks - we did, would try to stroke my hair sometimes - I would push back, asked me really interesting questions and so on and so forth.

But guys, just because someone is checking me out, stroking my hair because you know as a girl, I like it sometimes, and taking me on walks - Like! walks are actually pretty good because this body doesn't happen by magic. All of that don't mean anything to me. In short, I am usually more careful. I feel like I owe it to myself to do my due diligence and check things for myself.

Anyways, no shaking. Hung out a few times and told myself that I would get to know this guy. I am single after all and with all his sweet talk, he must be single too.

Fast forward, I was gisting with one of my friends about it and how I ran into him and told my friend details of what had been going on. My friend paused me and said, " I think he has a girlfriend, and they seem to be doing fine." I was in shock... there had to be an explanation, something must have happened, maybe they had broken up recently etc. My friend was so sure, so I decided to ask him.

We had such a chill conversation about this. Honestly, nothing was going on between us, and I wanted to know the truth - this was very easy to take since my feelings were not involved.

That's how he told me that "yes, I have a girlfriend," I asked for how long and he said "5 Years!"

I was like "dude, people get married and divorced in that time, why didn't you mention it", he replied, "it just didn't come up".

The whole time, I was just wondering how one can just develop amnesia when they have an active 5 year relationship. 5 whole years!! How come this person's name never came up, not even once or by mistake? You know, we must all be so different because if I met an old friend and we start hanging out, I will mention something about my 5 year partner. It may even be unintentional - because this partner of mine is a huge part of me.

Lesson from this whole experience is to NEVER ASSUME. Ask questions. I started asking 2 very important questions:

"Are you dating/in a relationship (with) anyone""

"Is someone dating/ in a relationship (with) you?"

I do not have the energy for people who do not know what they want or who want to play games. I do not play games.

Hmmmmm people! It didn't end there. One night we were talking and this nigga had the audacity to ask me if I wanted to stay over at his. I quietly asked, "why?, why would I want to do that?". Nigga answered, "to explore"

Ewwwwwww!! Cancelled!!!

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4 commenti

Abi Sanni
Abi Sanni
11 dic 2019

@Esther hmmmm that one is none of my damn bidness lol

Mi piace

Abi Sanni
Abi Sanni
11 dic 2019

@oluwaseyiadeduwon , hahahaha I truly do not understand

Mi piace

Esther Arole
Esther Arole
12 lug 2019

Lmao I just pity his actual girlfriend sha

Mi piace

11 lug 2019

Wahooh 😳, what a randy man he is, what does he means by exploring, is he internet where people explore from to get informations

Mi piace
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