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Dating Series: The Hasty One

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Let's Jump right into it ...

I don't exactly remember what led a bunch of us to someone's house, laughing, playing games, and having a good time. Anyways, that night, I met this guy there and we exchanged numbers.

The next day, he sent me this long text and asked me to go on a date, you know it's not even a big deal, BUT he kept pushing to meet as soon as possible by all means. Another thing was, I was so indifferent about him. I wasn't excited about the date, neither was I even slightly put off (yet) . However, he became so annoyingly persistent that I ended up going.

(I know, I know - u can continue to judge me, lol)

First off, I settled to meet up at a cafeteria, I had just finished from work and I had only a few minutes to spare. We talked about different things which he had brought up. He was particularly interested to know about my family, and more importantly, my parents. It was like I was expected to be auditioning for wife material. My face kept holding the urge to fill my forehead with dents; it was such a weird experience. He had to know if my parents were still together and went on to say that he doesn't believe people from broken homes can have a successful marriage - he doesn't want to end up with a broken marriage. I don't remember much of the other things we talked about but that one stuck with me. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I was so shocked about how he put people in such a judgmental box. I figured that it was not the time to argue or have a deep conversation; we were in two different worlds that would most likely never understand each other.

At the end of the meeting, before saying our goodbyes, he asked if he will get a second date, and I said I wasn't sure and wanted to think about things. He went on to ask again, and again, and insisted that I gave him an answer right there and then! He didn't want to wait!! I had never heard this before in my life!! In my mind I was like "ah ah Uncle calm down na, it's not that serious"

Uncle was rushing me! Was this guy being serious? Don't I get a chance to go home and process the meeting? Doesn't he want to think about if he is truly interested? Why did I have to give an answer now? It felt like he was making the second meeting up to me, while putting me under pressure. I said "NO". He asked why and I told him we could remain friends and nothing more.

In hindsight though, maybe he was dealing with some serious anxiety and waiting to know could have negatively affected him. However, at the time, everything was so odd; too hasty, and I felt like he wouldn't give me the chance to breathe in making my decisions. I have such an analytical mind, and I generally take my time with picking major choices. He was definitely not the right fit for me. I stayed in touch for a bit until time let it fade.

This was by far the strangest date I have ever gone in my entire life!!!

Boy!!! How would you have reacted??


FYI: The dating series is coming to an end! In a few days, I will be posting the very last post for the series. The next post promises to be a different kind of dating experience where I will be a bit vulnerable.

I look forward to you returning to sip some of my tea ;)


Abi Tobi

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