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Glass Eyes

I loved making paper planes. and ice cream in a cone? oh! that was my favorite gift from my daddy. I loved watching cartoon; everything Disney was wonderful

I looked forward to school; the perfect opportunity to play in the mud

the smell of my mommy's freshly baked cookies cookies and milk; my favorite snack

My little sister and I would  dress up use mommy's makeup sometimes, .. and got into trouble, my little sister, she had the happiest laugh

The best road trips were to granddad and grandma Grandma gives the best hugs

Until.. Chaos For the first time, I saw fear in my father's eyes we hid, we hoped everyday that no bullet reach us, that the bombs are not beneath us Our hearts are breaking, they hurt, they cry

My eyes are like glass I can hear my dad scream his lungs out I can feel my mother's disarray; like she has lost her mind My father's tears, thick as blood He hugs me, he is warm, oh he is so warm I feel like I need more of his warmth. I want to make them smile, tell them I am okay I try to speak but can't reach my voice My eyes are like glass My body cold as ice my father's tears thick as blood he kisses our faces

.. my little sister right there in his arms too .. he holds her tighter .. my little sister, just as cold as I am .. she can not reach her laughter anymore; LIFELESS...

Dedicated to everyone who has lost a loved one(s) in any of the attacks and wars around the world.

Words can't express much but you are in somebody's prayers.

P.S. I recently saw a video of a Muslim father whose children were killed in an attack. He was hugging his lifeless children. So heart breaking. Praying that the wars and attacks around the world stop.  Praying for comfort to everyone who is suffering as a result of them

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