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Do you remember some things you did or said that made you get that feeling to run underneath your bed to hide? ... Well, maybe some of you are perfect, but since I am clearly not, I definitely have lots of those and I will be sharing two of them with you.

It was an English exam. I was all ready, nothing was going to stop me from excelling... UNTIL I saw the essay question "Write about your Pet Peeve" What? P-E-T WHAT??  I had no idea what that meant! I freaked out! I looked around but everyone was writing. Anyways, when life gives you lemons what do you do again? make cranberry juice and life will be like, "say what???!!!  lol. So, I did that and decided to be creative and wrote about my pet, named Peeve. haha... don't even try judging me for once, what was I supposed to do or write? I wanted to get marks for trying!  :/ To my surprise, I did pretty good in that class but now, I will never know if it was because I was "so creative" that my teacher decided to mark my essay based on content and grammar, or if I totally A'ced the rest of the exam. This, I will never know but I am pretty sure he had such a good laugh marking my paper.

The second experience was also an exam situation. In my high-school in Nigeria, we all had to take a native language course. On one of the exams, we were asked to write an essay on "oko ofurufu" (which means airplane). Guys, I was so confident and so sure of my answer and went ahead to write about the Farm of ofurufu. The problem is that, in my language, oko means a lot of things and one of the things I was sure it meant was Farm and I had no idea what ofurufu meant, in my mind it must have been a name of a town or something. ah! you can imagine how I did on that exam. On the bright side though, my parents had a good good laugh and I did not get into any trouble for my performance.

Now, I can laugh about these things and share them because, sometimes, the only way we learn is by failing or doing it wrong and there is absolutely no shame in that.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I will  really appreciate your feedback/ what you think about today's post/ similar experiences. Have a great week everyone.

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