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What your love means to me

Love , love; that is what you are to me and more...  You are my wonder man The one who wows me with his goodness Blessings and mercies,  his care, time, it's like all you are for is for me Mighty, no, that's not enough  Your protection against my selfish hurtful wants  Your re-directions, your wisdom Where would I be without you? In my darkest hours, You listen, I feel like you are right there   Holding me close Speaking peace to every storm  My friend, the one who doesn't make me feel stupid  I mean, even in my foolishness you still love me  Your sense of humor  How you use stupid things to amaze me  How you take from such a tiny situation to make big revelations  God, there is none like you There will NEVER be  The glow I glow, you give me peace everlasting  Sometimes, people can't understand why there is calmness in my life  Or where strength comes from It's all you.  In you, I am always glad  The joy of my salvation  Lord, words can't express your love  I wish I could love as much as you do  It's amazing how you love me  Irrespective of my ways, my foolishness, childishness,  ignorance , even sometimes, my going away doing my "own thing" How can anyone take all of that and still love me, still want me ? I wish I could love like you do I wish I could love others like you do Lord , your love is everything to me And I am grateful for it 

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