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18 Things to my 18-year old self

Updated: Jan 2, 2018

This was my first blog-post in 2016.

Anyways, it was my birthday in December (exactly a month ago) and I celebrated differently, good different. I spent some time alone reflecting on the year and my goals. I realized that there were things I wanted to have achieved, and a place I hoped to have reached but not there. In all of it, I found that deep down, I am grateful, not disappointed, not upset- just grateful. I see that no matter how little, I am moving forward, and a step closer to my goals and who I want to be. 

While reflecting, I went down memory lane to who I used to be in my junior years in university. I just remember spending money I made from my first job on shoessss! I bought shoes all the time as long as they were pretty, I bought them haha. 

There are a few things I would tell younger me and I want to share some of them with you too :)

1) Girl! stop worrying so much about being too skinny, it's okay. You are just perfect.  

2) True, grades are important but they are not everything (not even half of the whole experience). Calm down, breathe. Focus on learning

3) Summers are for making money / gaining experience, AND for travelling. So, travel with your friends.  Spread your wings my little butterfly

4) Stop buying so many expensive shoes.  Calm down! But you will be happy to know that you will always love shoes :D

5) Apply to be an exchange student

6) You have a good intuition about some dysfunctional friendships, why are you holding on ? keep it moving my love

7) Do not feel obligated to be in a relationship with anyone

8) Go try those things you have interest in.  I smile telling you that going solo can be so refreshing. If you want to do something, go ahead and do it! if a friend(s) wants to join you, then that's fine. But don't be too scared or shy to do things on your own. You will thank yourself

9)  I know how much you wonder about love and boys. Love is such a wonderful and beautiful thing but sometimes, it is not enough

10) Heart breaks are painful, and could hurt everywhere  BUT you will be fine. You will find strength and growth in all those experiences. 

11) Learn how to drive now like your father has been pushing.  Learn how to sew.

12) Do not "dress- up" any less because some people might feel uncomfortable, if you want to look fabulous, go for it!

13) Forget what people say about girls being bad friends. Girlfriends can be awesome! They are such a blessing

14) Fear is powerful and terrible. It might try to eat you slowly, but I promise you that you will overcome, fear won't stop you!

15) Know and accept that your plans will fall, and sometimes you might fail. Know it is okay, it is part of the process, and it is for the best.

16) You will learn over the years that you are slightly different from many people. That's okay, do not feel little about yourself because you are " weird". You will also learn that many people are weird too.

17) God will always be a constant. When nothing else makes sense, your faith will.

18) Sweetie, you are not perfect, you will make mistakes and that is absolutely OK! Just get up, learn, dust yourself up, and try again (Aaliyah, haha). 

I think I was 19 here and my necklace? let us not go there lol

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