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My heart may be worried

My fears keep me up at night

I feel like a different human being

Like someone who lost her way

Looking for an avenue to get back on track

My future isn’t known, the future isn’t sure.

BUT the Lord keeps me and protects me

He covers me with his love

Plants seeds of hope when my doubts are almost my reality

The Lord shows me mercy, he gives me grace

& even when the paths aren’t straight,

I have faith, all things are working out for me,

For my good.

The lord is my light and salvation

Faith is the reason I get up again,

that I dream and believe in them

Faith keeps me grounded,

reminds me of my talents,

reminds me that grace and favor are factors,

opens my mind to pray;

pray for grace. Pray for resilience. Pray for favor. Pray for discernment.

The lord is my light and salvation

Why should I fear any situation?

Is there anything too big for my God to do?

I may shake but cannot break

I am a child of God

Walking in faith

Why should I allow self sabotaging voices take over?

So no matter how I quiver

No matter what plays out today,

I can hold on to faith, to hope.

For all things work together for my good

I can rest because it will

It will manifest and I shall testify

The Lord is my guide,

There is no need to be afraid

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