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Dating Series: A Shitty Experience

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Hey people, it has been a minute since I shared my stories; so, I will be telling you some of my experiences while I was still dating. Grab your popcorn, tea or whatever you need to enjoy the series. The first one I am sharing was a really shitty experience.

It was one of those reluctant Friday nights, where I didn't want to go out but there was a party and it was one of those I wasn't sure about. However, my friend tried talking me into it, and since it had been a long week & I needed to unwind, I decided to go. Dolled up and out we were for a hopefully fun night. I was seating with my girls, when I noticed a certain mister noticing me. Mister was tall, dark and at the time, I felt like he was attractive. He wanted to talk all through when I wasn't up dancing and not to lie, I was feeling it. He spoke intelligently and I knew I wanted to see him again, sooooo I was low key happy this party turned out into an interesting conversation.

When he asked for my number at the end of the night, ah! your girl was happy and I did not hesitate.

We fairly kept in touch all through the week, and though I wanted go on a proper date, he was NOT asking ( rolls eyes). Anyways, I had that Friday off and as per my routine at the time, I had made and drank my cleansing tea which is vicious and planned to have a chill evening indoors.

Mister starts to text and since he wasn't still asking, I hinted that we go out that night and he asked lol. ah! my chill night plans went down the drain, it didn't even exist. I gladly agreed on the date.

We got to a this casual restaurant in town. We both had not eaten and were hungry but the restaurant was busy and rowdy, so we decided to do take out. We got in his car about to leave, and my tummy started to sing, it was turninonion, then I remembered the cleansing tea. I excused myself and ran towards the washroom, I was there for several HOT minutes.

My gosh! I wanted to enter the ground from the embarrassment. It was the very first date, what was I going to say? Did I smell weird? Why didn't I bring my perfume along? Was it obvious why I was away for so long? I started asking myself who sent me to give that hint? I was asking why I didn't suggest to go the next day? How did I make such horrid mistake? :( :(

I didn't even know how to get back to him. I needed to gather my dignity. Like I had just met this guy!!

Before getting into his car, I got some air. I got into it: sat, was quiet, then laughed and just confessed about the tea making me feel sick and we laughed about it and it was fine - I think- because Mister wanted to see me again lol.

BUT BOY! that was by far the most embarrassing date I have ever being on till date. So don't be going on a date when you just drank some vicious cleansing teas!!

What was your most embarrassing experience on a date?

Let me know if you enjoyed this post. Till next time on the dating series...


Abi Tobi

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Abi Sanni
Abi Sanni
Dec 11, 2019

lool @Thabi see my life 😒😒😫


Thabile Ncube
Thabile Ncube
Jun 22, 2019

😂😂😂😂 dead!

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