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Hello Dear Lover,

Happy 2021 Everyone!

It was Lover's Day yesterday and not to lie, I was all in my feels. Looking at people post how they spent the day with their partners made me feel warm inside. Love is indeed a beautiful thing, and it is something I will always believe in. Y'all made me have some feels and with some kind of looking forward to.

Yesterday inspired me to write a letter to my Lover.

Hi Lover;

Hope you are having a beautiful day, and

hope your thoughts today are as beautiful as you are.

I have been thinking about you lately, and it makes me smile.

It makes me smile because settling isn't an option for me.

Thinking of you drives me to sing praises to God;

screaming, "thank you for the Broken Roads!"

You allow me look forward to us; when the time is right.

Hello there, mi amor,

I believe in us even today,

no matter how many times I thought I found you & was wrong,

no matter what the media may say about men,

I have always said you will be one of the "1%"

but if you do not exist, I am okay with that too,

okay with finding other ways to love.

though, I have faith that our type of affection will find us both.

I see the heavens blessing this friendship

Our love will be freeing;

as we find new ways to grow,

new ways to understand,

new ways to learn and to protect,

we will walk through this thing called life, & for a million lifetimes.

I will be there with you,

holding you through it all,

I will love on you & respect you

You will be pleasing to my eyes & soul,

Your touch will send electricity down my spine

For all that concerns you, will concern me too

I will love you through speakers beaming through the atlas

I will love you quietly too, enjoying moments we steal just for ourselves

With us, you won't have to be afraid. We are a team & you can count on me

I know you are right by me too

holding hands, & praying through life's hurdles

You're there supporting my dreams,

Pulling me closer, assuring me to lean on you.

With you, there are no games.

I am safe.

You protect me, you protect us,

You know who I am, you really see me,

and love me deeply nonetheless. & Proudly!

I see you & love you wholeheartedly.

Ore mi, Onitemi,

Ololufemi, enibi okan mi,

my heart will beat for you,

I go fall for you a million times & more

and in another lifetime, I choose you.

I'ld rather spend my life with you or no one

Our hearts will dance with joy as we grow old & grey together

I am confident by God's grace, we will make it work

May this love find us both one day,

at the right time.


Abi Tobi

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