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I don’t want to Pray

I am almost out of breath maybe I need to pray maybe I need to be still, to hold on But I don’t have the strength

Exhausted.. I want some luck I feel like I could do with some right now I want to be almost sure Sure of where I am headed, Sure of my feelings Sure that my intentions are pure I want my intentions to be pure I want to be content in my space, With my journey.

I am tired & desire no wild turns my heart is halfway broken almost always working its way to be whole Maybe I took a wrong fork somewhere, maybe?

You see, I may need prayers. But in all honesty, I haven’t prayed in a minute. & I don’t want to. At this moment, I am out of breath I don’t want to think about the future I don’t want to be so logical either I want to breathe, I want to sit still, for a lasting moment;

with a blank mind & with no worries.

.... BUT in my depths, it serves me best to look into the skies

reach out to the universe, say some words to my God

& tell all my heart

or simply ask for strength ...

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