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Yours, Abi

Updated: Jan 1, 2018

Dear Lord, 

Words can not express

and my smiles can never be wide enough

my praise is like a mustard seed 

to show  how thankful I am

Day in, day out

You write my story 

Reminding me that I am yours

that I belong to you

In the midst of pain,

and in the midst of trial 

you give me reason to laugh

and when my soul is weak

When I am so broken 

and can't let go, can't get up

You have been my strength

When I am alone 

When there is no one to turn to

When my heart is cold

you have been my friend

A shoulder to cry on

With you, I never feel judged

It amazes me how you pull me through 

And even in my stubbornness

When I want what I WANT 

When I go my own way

You welcome me back, 

Embrace  me with your love 

In your presence I feel at home

Lord, you are love

You define love to me everyday

Sometimes, through others 

Mostly,  directly from my relationship with you

It's the way you protect me

the way you fulfill your promises

The way you reveal yourself

God, you are real

I am thankful to be yours

I am thankful to recognize you as Lord! 

... and I sometimes doubt you

This big ocean of unbelief in my heart

Lord,  sometimes I forget your plans for me

I forget that you have a purpose for me 

and years down the lane

I am more than grateful I did not have it my way

Lord, I am not the best child

But you love me anyways, I am in awe

So now, 

I will trust you more

I want to trust you some more

Even in my doubts

I want to remember your goodness

and that everything happens for a reason

that you have a beautiful plan 

There is my will

And there is yours 

Help me to want what you want

Teach me to love 

Lead me, hold me, 

help me make a difference,

be my foundation

& like a strong tower, please complete me



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